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The most common tools used in repainting are compressors, spray guns and sanders. There are a whole host of others which may or may not be needed for your repair.

Compressors – Power Supply

Compressors are manufactured for the following electric power supplies:

Single Phase compressors would be the main choice for home use and small garage workshops. Three phase for professional use and the extreme enthusiast (where a three phase supply is available of course).

Compressors – Free Air Delivery Rating

Your compressor is a workhorse and it is very important to make sure you get the correct air delivery rating. This is measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm). This is the amount of air that is available for you to use. Before purchasing your compressor you should consider which air tools you want to use and clarify the cfm usage of your chosen tools.

A good choice for a beginner would be a 10cfm unit with a 100 litre tank. This would adequately supply most air tools and spray guns.

You need to consider if you will use air tools for extended periods – if so, you may need to wait for the air to build back up in the tank to enable you to continue your work. However, if you are only using your tools intermittently you may be able to reduce the pressure in your system and save on energy costs.

Also, make sure you eliminate air leaks. This can reduce your energy costs significantly.

To help you with your choice all our air tools have the cfm air usage displayed.

Spray Guns

Well, with all the choices available where do you begin? First of all decide which products you are likely to be using your spray gun with. The data sheet information for each product will tell you the type of set-up you need. The most common spray guns are 1.2cfm, 1.3cfm, 1.4cfm. Up to 2.0cfm is typical for most automotive coating systems.

Spray guns vary in price. As always the more you pay the better quality of equipment you will have. All the spray guns we stock have had only positive feedback from our customers.

In today’s market most people choose gravity feed spray guns over suction feed (gravity feed – the pot is on top of the gun; suction feed – the pot is underneath the gun).

The trade would usually have different spray guns for each application (priming, painting, lacquering) to save time in cleaning the spray equipment. However, one spray gun will suffice; just make sure it is thoroughly clean before using your next product.

Sanders – Air or Electric

For home use perhaps electric would be the obvious choice, but some types of sanding tool are only available for use with air. Again check the cfm usage.

If you’re not confident about your choice and have any questions please Contact Us and we will be happy to answer your query.

Other Tools

Here is a list of other tools used in automotive repaint which may or may not be needed for your particular repair job.

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