Clearcoats / Lacquers are available in 400ml aerosols or in varying quantities. There are three different types:

All of these will do a good job and it just depends on how much you want to spend. Prices range from approximately £5.00 to £20.00 per aerosol.

*Please note that all 2K aerosols, once activated, must be used within 2 to 4 hours.

Which one do I need?

This all depends on the quality of the finish that you wish to achieve. The less expensive clearcoats may not be quite as clear as the others but the difference is minimal.

1K Lacquers – This is a ready for use lacquer which dries very quickly and no extra thinners are required. It is easily applied and has some resistance to UV rays. Used mainly for small repairs, but can be used on larger areas if required.


2K (or 2-pack) Lacquer – This requires hardener (activator) and thinners to be added before spraying. It is the chosen product for the professional and produces a very durable high gloss finish. The product dries by chemical reaction (polymerisation). Always use good breathing protection as all activators contain isocyanates.


Should you have any questions on the subject of lacquers then please Contact Us with your query.

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