1K Primers – are a Cellulose/Acrylic primer which are very easy to use, fast drying (up to 1 hour) and easy to rework. Only needs thinners and dries by thinner evaporation.

2K Primers – are a very high build primer with which top quality results can be achieved. 2K primers need a Hardener (also referred to as Activator) and a small quantity of thinners. The product dries by chemical reaction (polymerisation) and has a much longer drying time (typically 8 hours) than a 1K primer (typically up to 1 hour). A low bake oven will considerably speed up the chemical reaction.

Self Etch Primers – are 1K & 2K primers which are designed specifically to bind to bare metals, i.e. Steel, Zinc, Galvanised Steel and Aluminium, and can also be used on fillers. They contain acid which etches the metal surface and ensures a strong bond to the substrate. Etch primers also help protect against corrosion.

Plastic Primers – are for most automotive plastics. Our data sheets relating to the specific primer will confirm the type of plastic it is suitable for.

Spray Fillers – For filling very uneven surfaces i.e. GRP and heavily filled areas.

Adhesion Promoters – For areas where you cannot sand very well and you need to apply primer or paint.


It is always better to apply more light coats of primer rather than fewer thick coats, especially on heavily repaired areas with a lot of filler. This will prevent the primer being absorbed into the filler and resulting in sinkage.

Always check for imperfections in the finished primer coating:

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