Aquamax Water Based Basecoat Paint

AquaMax Waterbased Paint is the latest in waterborne, environmentally friendly, 1K paint technology. AquaMax has been used on car production lines for quite some time and requires only a small amount of thinners. It takes a little longer to dry than a polyester basecoat paint but this can be speeded up by gently blowing warm air over the wet paint. This product is non flammable and contains zero solvent.

AquaMax is available in all colours – solid, metallic, pearl and mica. It can be supplied in 400ml Aerosols or any other tinned quantity you require.

AquaMax will dry to a matt finish and will require a 1K or 2K lacquer coating to achieve a high gloss finish. When purchasing a 1K lacquer please check that it is suitable for using over a waterborne paint – not all 1K lacquers are compatible with waterborne paints. All 2K lacquers are compatible with AquaMax paint.

Older vehicle colours may not have been formulated in this product but this is not a problem as our colour technicians will be able to precision match to your requirements.

Spraying AquaMax is relatively easy and for most applications a 1.2mm spray gun nozzle set-up will suffice.


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Aquamax Water Based Basecoat Paint

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