1 Pack

See “1K”


Single Component coating – the coating requires only thinners and no hardener for it to dry

2 Pack

See “2K”


Two component product – hardener (also referred to as additive or accelerator) required for the paint to dry

2-Stage Paint Process

This simply means that two different coats of paint are required and is usually a basecoat paint layer and a clearcoat / lacquer layer.

3-Stage Paint Process

This simply means that three different coats of paint are required and refers to ink paint coatings where a base tone layer followed by the ink coat layer followed by the clearcoat layer. Different colour base tones will produce different shades of ink colour.


Dual Action – A type of sanding machine with a dual action motion – a rotary motion combined with vibrating motion. DA discs should be used on this type of machine

Etch Primer

Also known as Self-Etch Primers or Wash Primers they are designed specifically to bind to bare metals and can also be used on fillers. They contain acid which etches the metal surface and ensures a strong bond to the substrate. Etch primers also help protect against corrosion.


Glass Reinforced Plastic. Also known as Fibre Glass.


High Solids

HVLP Spray Gun

High Volume Low Pressure Spray Gun Compared with conventional spray guns, HVLP guns atomise paint using a higher volume of air at a lower pressure. Paint spray is therefore less likely to bounce off workpieces, and overspraying is reduced considerably. HVLP spray guns increase transfer efficiency, and ensure that more paint gets onto the pieces being sprayed.

LVLP Spray Gun

Low Volume Low Pressure – Used to describe the type of Spray Gun operation


Medium Solids


Ultra High Solids

Wash Primer

See “Etch Primer”

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Aquamax Water Based Basecoat Paint

Body Fillers



Maxicar Basecoat Paint

MIPA Cellulose Paint

Panel Cleaning

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