The MBX Vinyl Zapper* removes vinyl, decals, pinstripes, refl ective tape, and adhesives quickly and easily in a single operation. Performing on metal, glass, wood or fi berglass, the Vinyl Zapper strips vinyl without damaging paint or harming the underlying surface.

(Fits the 23mm MBX Adaptor on MBX Metal Blaster Tools)


– The unique Eraser Wheel is designed with notched fingers that grab the edge of the vinyl and peels it from the surface.
– Vinyl and adhesives are removed without damaging OEM paint or harming substrate material.
– Adhesive residue will be removed while stripping the vinyl.
– Multiple layers of vinyl – old or new – can be removed at one time in hot or cold weather.
– The MBX Vinyl Zapper will reduce labor by more than 60% and turns a tedious task into an easy operation.
– The MBX Vinyl Zapper will remove 35-50 square feet of vinyl per hour.

Superior Performance:

– No paint damage to OEM paint surfaces
– No surface damage on metal, glass, fiberglass or hard wood
– No heat damage or smearing on substrate
– No vibration or jumping – reducing operating fatique
– Minimal adhesive residue – can be easily removed with suitable solvent
– Fast, easy operation – cuts labor by more than 60%


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