This is an original Monti Tool made in Germany. The MBX System integrates specialized power tools, innovative wire brush belts and eraser wheels to perform a wide variety of surface preparation tasks quickly, safely, and economically.  MBX is used extensively in the following :

– Automotive – Marine
– Military – Aviation
– Manufacturing – Mining
– Utilities – Sign & Screen Printing
– Metalworking – Plastics
– Plant Maintenance – Petroleum
– Heavy Equipment – Construction
– Welding

It combines ease of use, superior performance and safety of operation in a versatile tool.

– Remove undercoating, chip guard and seam sealer in seconds
– Easily strip rust and paint to pore depth without removing healthy material
– Work in tight spaces, corners, contours and on uneven surfaces – areas that other tools can’t reach
– Rapidly remove gasket material and adhesives – no clogging of bristles
– Create course sandblast, light sand blast or smooth finish as desired.
– Strip vinyl lettering, decals, pinstripes and reflective tape quickly and easily with minimal adhesive residue.
– Rated AC (3200A):-  120 V  +/-10%
– Rated current (3200A):-  4 A
– Free speed:-  3200 rpm
– Weight:-  1.8 kg

MBX products do not grind materials. Instead, the wire tips of the MBX Belts are constructed to strike target surfaces with high energy and at the proper angle. These tiny “hammer blows” remove paint, corrosion or soft sealing compounds from the target surface. In contrast to grinding, this process does not remove material but rather achieves material compression. During this process, the open construction and brush design create no heat. In this way, material deformation through excessive temperatures can be completely excluded. The U-shaped bristles of the MBX Belt are individually anchored in a polyamide textile, which secures them against loss.

Unlike grinding, no dust is created. Because any removed particles are relatively large and heavy, they fall directly to the ground and do not float in the air.

Because no heat is created, no toxic fumes are created when removing sealing compounds. This helps protect the breathing passages.


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