Iwata 3kW HEAT T.E.C Infrared Unit Distance Sensor and Temperature Sensor Optional

Built-in isolating switch, fitted with 300mm 1.0kW GC power slim short wave tube

Pistol grip handle

Wide angle hi-light reflector

3 metres of flexible cable

Sturdy 6ft (1800mm) stand (with mobile models)

Full height ‘slide and lock’ heater bracket

The use of short wave infrared technology enables body fillers, primers and paints to be cured in typically 10 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes in an oven.

Mobile drying systems provide a fast efficient answer for all your local body repairs.

Infrared units provide a cost effective method of paint drying and curing can be achieved in just minutes, using the highly effective short wave infrared lamp.

Minimum static operating distance: 600 mm, orĀ 500 mm when mounted on stand.

Dimensions: 400 x 140 x 85 mm


Part Number VIU10003DSTS

£1,399.00 ex. VAT

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