Professional autonomous starter with integrated
charger for starting all vehicles equipped with
12 V batteries.

With its small size and 15kg weight, it is easily
transportable on site and without effort.
1.80 m of cables for optimal user comfort.
Ideal for onsite interventions
Protection against polarities inversion thanks to an
audible warning device and an indicator light.
equipped with a fuse to protect vehicles against
overvoltage, short circuits and avoid sparks when
connecting the clamps
Equipped with a 300 A fuse protecting the system by
case of misuse.
For safe use
Thanks to its integrated automatic charger (6 A – curve
7-step intelligent charging), the Gyspack PRO 900 recharges
100% from the mains, unattended, even when permanently
Visualization of the state of charge thanks to three LEDs.
Complete unsupervised charging
Equipped with a ┬źhigh performance┬╗ lead battery
(in start-up: 830A at 1V/c and 3100A at battery peak),
the Gyspack PRO 900 is ideal for starting up light vehicles,

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