FMT6340 is a fast curing, cold weld, easy to use structural 2-part polyurethane semi rigid bonding adhesive which cures by a chemical reaction of the two components forming a durable polymer resistant to high temperatures, moisture, fuel, many solvents and chemicals.

Its ideal for those small cracks and splits found so often in plastic bumpers or repairing those broken plastic brackets.

Its quick, easy and forms a repair that will last as long as the item repaired is in use. Use for permanent and long-lasting plastic repairs.

This 2 Part PU glue is great for repairing plastic bumpers, body trim parts, wheel arches, spoilers, grilles, fan shrouds, door mirrors, rearview mirrors, dashboard repairs, vehicle interiors, headlamp brackets and lugs. In fact it can be used to repair plastics in automotive, marine, construction, industrial, domestic and recreational applications. use on surf boards, plastic window frames, toolbox handles,


The glue has good sag resistance so can be used successfully on vertical repairs and to bridge and fill large holes or gaps.


It will fully cure in 90 seconds at ambient temperatures, applying gentle heat in colder weather will speed up curing time and wont affect the bonding properties. Once cured it can be sanded, drilled and repainted.

Part Number FMT6340



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