GYS SMARTMIG 162 KIT includes the following items

160A Mig/Mag welding machine with SMART control panel. Works from 30A so suitable for thin metals, up to 160A Maximum. Fitted with high power motor and Euro Torch. Suitable for Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. Works with and without gas. Supplied with Euro Torch and Earth Clamp.

Regulator/Flow Meter Pro U04163

Essential for safety, the TECHNO 9/13 TRUE COLOR optoelectronic hood protects the welder’s face and
eyes from UV, infrared and splashes. Fully automatic, the mask switches from clear to tinted state in a fraction of a second as soon as it is primed. Comes with a headband, it frees the welder’s hands and offers all
the necessary comfort for welding work.  065048

10contact tubes for torches 150 at 250A, 0.6/M6 041905

Bare wire reel Ø 200mm, steel, Ø 0.6,5 kg 086111

Kit Part Number  U62058


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