U-Pol 20.20 HS Primer Filler (3:1) - 3L (Grey)

Upol 2020 HS Primer Filler (3:1) - 3L (Grey)

Multifunction primer can be air dried, low baked or I.R. cured. High build, fast drying, easy sanding and excellent coverage provide for increased throughput and improved bodyshop efficiencies.


1. High Build Primer Filler for spot repairs. (use at 3:1)

2. Primer Surfacer for large areas. (use at 3:1+10% thinner)

3. A Non Sand (wet on wet) sealer. (use at 3:1+20% thinner)

4. Tintable with up to 10% with acrylic mixing base.



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