Mipa 1k-Isolator-spray

Fast drying special primer. Protects solvent-sensitive old paintwork efficiently from lifting or bleeding through, when overcoating with solvent-based coating systems. Processing instructions: Clean and degrease thoroughly old paintworks with Mipa Silikonentferner. Remove completely any possible existing layer of wax or polish. Wet sand thoroughly the surface to be painted with sandpaper P 400 - 500 and degrease subsequently with Mipa Silikonentferner. Apply uniformly 1-2 layers of Mipa 1K-Isolator by means of a spray gun. After an intermediate drying of approx. 1 hour at 20 °C overcoat with Mipa 1K or 2K primer/ topcoat applying them wet in wet. Use Mipa WBS-Pistolenreiniger to clean the spray gun.


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