Hydrocleaner Silicone Remover / Panel Wipe Slow

Anti-silicone detergent, antistatic, water-borne dust-proof slow cleaner.It removes silicones from the surface giving an antistatic effect. Suitable to clean substrates or pre-existent coatings. Can be used to degrease small, bare metal surfaces. To degrease large metal surfaces use 00695 SILICONE REMOVER SLOW. Use before applying HYDROFAN BASECOAT. Characteristics: - Solvent free water-borne product - Fast evaporation suitable for use at temperature above 25C. - Good detergent power - Good anti-static power - Non-aggressive even on single-pack nitrocombi and synthetic coatings - To remove tar spots use 00695 SILICONE REMOVER SLOW



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