Masking your vehicle is very important to protect your paintwork, windows, chrome, wheels and tyres from any unnecessary damage or contamination. This is especially important during spraying.

You should use masking paper (a specialist impermeable paper) or masking film (an impermeable plastic sheet) together with masking tape. These products used together will ensure that no bleed through occurs and overspray is kept to a minimum. Newspaper is liable to leave an imprint of its ink on your bodywork because some chemicals will bleed through the paper – you could end up with front page news on your car.

Our Brown Kraft Masking Paper is a popular choice and is available in widths of 6”, 12”, 18”, 36” and 48”. This quality masking paper is resilient to any bleed through. There is sheen on one side of masking papers which is not a coating but is achieved by polishing the paper with a super heated roller in the production phase. This polishes off the fibres that would normally stick up and cause wicking.

Car Film is used for protecting your entire vehicle from overspray should you be doing a part repair. This is 4m wide and available in lengths of 5m, 10m and 150m (once use only).

Masking tape – our tape is of a professional quality and does not leave any glue residue when the tape is removed (cheaper tapes will leave glue residue). It can become a difficult and prolonged job to remove the glue residue.

Fine Line Tape is used for precise masking of two-tone cars and custom painting and comes in widths of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 19mm, 25mm and 50mm.

Foam Tape is used for door apertures where primer overspray can invade these areas. Also used for blending on exterior panels.

  • Take time when masking and think about where you need to mask for any repair. If you are doing a small repair on a panel then mask the car leaving the whole panel exposed (if you mask closely around the small area you may well get high edges at the masking boundary that are difficult to remove).

  • Ensure the paper is slack over the area to be masked. Stretching the paper can pull apart the fibres of the paper which can cause bleeding.

  • Use a Fade-Out aerosol spray on the overspray around the edge of your spray area to soften the paint droplets allowing them to blend into the paintwork.

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