About QPaints

At QPaints we stock ALL the products needed by you to repair or rebuild any part of a car body. 


We supply various paints including Cellulose, 1K Basecoats, 2K Paints, Ink Colours, Flake Colours and High Temperature Paints providing an amazing range of solid colours, metallic colours, mica colours, ink colours and flakes.


Our colour database is probably the best in the UK with over 70,000 colours and colour formulations going back as far as the mid 1900s.


We even have some vintage formulations going back to the 1890s where we have precision matched vintage vehicle colours.


Our paint department accounts for approximately 40% of our business and incorporates our precision matching team who focus on getting as close to an exact match as possible from car parts supplied to us from all over Europe.


The other 60% covers an array of product lines selected for their quality, price and durability to achieve the highest quality finish.  Our other product lines include:




Personal Protection

Safety Equipment

Cleaning Products




Interior & Exterior Fixings


Adhesion Promoters


Compounds & Polishes

Air tools

Plastic Repair Fillers



Electric Tools

Hand Tools

Adhesives & Sealants

Spray Guns


Air Lines & Connectors

Windscreen Removal

Panel Beating/Pulling


Because we’ve been supplying these product for over 21 years we have trimmed our product lines to encompass only those products that are proven to work.


It is because of this focus that we have very very few returns.  You can be confident that you’ll get what you want when you deal with us.



Our Aims Are:


- To be the preferred supplier of car body repair products to the UK and European markets.

- To supply what the market needs at a good market price.

- To deliver to our customers the right products at the right time, every time.


We're here to help you.  Try us!!

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